Usage Instructions - The Shower Shirt

Usage Instructions


  • Place arms in SHOWER SHIRT® sleeves
  • Place surgical drains in internal pockets and close with Velcro ® closure
  • Loop surgical drain tube slack around Velcro ® straps
  • Zip water-proof zipper to top under jaw line
  • Place Velcro® work flap over zipper
  • Tie drawstring around neck snugly
  • Wrap cinch strap snugly around neck

Read ‘directions for use’ on hang tag of garment:  We strongly encourage, for precautionary measures, to lean over when washing hair.   We also encourage patients wipe dry the outside of garment after showering, and before removing. 

If customers prefer the torso region of The SHOWER SHIRT® have a looser fit, clip the elastic on the bottom of the shirt for additional sizing around waist.  This increase in sizing at the bottom will not affect the needed protection for drains, ports, or catheters located in the chest and/or torso regions.

In addition, dialysis patients can pull the shower shirt sleeves over the shoulder region, and the bottom of the shower shirt above the breast region for additional bathing access, while still protecting the hemodialysis catheter placed under the collarbone.  For most peritoneal patients, the bottom of the shower shirt should be left below the rib cage to cover the stomach region.

The SHOWER SHIRT® elastic perimeter design gives customers a variety of options in term of sizing and bathing access.  

For patients taking a bath, DO NOT immerse the top portion of the body in water; keep the level of water no height than the bottom of The SHOWER SHIRT®.