The Shower Shirt

The ONLY shower garment to protect mastectomy drains and hemodialysis catheters from water while showering. 

"Use It Now, Wear It Later"


Use it now, wear it later

The SHOWER SHIRT is now recognized as US Patent #8,516,613 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The product is the only patented shower shirt garment for mastectomy patients on the United States market.

What is The SHOWER SHIRT™?

A post-surgical, water resistant garment designed to protect Mastectomy drains and Hemodialysis Catheters (for ESRD patients) from water while showering.

Why use The SHOWER SHIRT™?

To reduce the risk of infection. Mastectomy drains and Hemodialysis Catheters (for ESRD patients) act as portals for bacteria to enter wound sites, increasing the risk of post-surgical infections. Physicians routinely instruct patients NOT TO shower without protection.

How does The SHOWER SHIRT™ help?

The ability to bathe appropriately can reduce stress and anxiety for patients, while also reducing the risk of infection. The Shower Shirt can be used for showering after a mastectomy or showering with dialysis catheters.

Is The SHOWER SHIRT™ only for mastectomy patients?

NO. The SHOWER SHIRT™ is designed for use after any procedure involving surgical drains or catheters. In addition to Mastectomy and Hemodialysis patients, The SHOWER SHIRT™ is used by patients with the following conditions: Click here

Is the SHOWER SHIRT™ covered by Medicare?

The SHOWER SHIRT™ is now covered by Medicare for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients needing to protect hemodialysis catheters from water while showering.

We will continue to fight for coverage for Mastectomy patients.

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The SHOWER SHIRT™ is machine washable.
Line dry.
Black, White.
S/M (size 4 – 12), L/XL (size 14 – 22), 2X-4X

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Refunds Policy: The SHOWER SHIRT™ is deemed a Class 1 Medical Device and treated with an anti-microbial dip for additional patient safety. Due to the nature of the product, it is a ‘non-refundable’ garment which cannot be returned to The SHOWER SHIRT Co. for a refund after the original packaging has been opened. For unopened returns received within 30 days of purchase, a $25 restocking fee will applied.

Medicare: A9270 should be used when billing Medicare for THE SHOWER SHIRT™ product. This billing code falls under the composite payment bundle for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patient only.

Watch the interview with Lisa Crites as she discussed The SHOWER SHIRT™ on "The Balancing Act" which premiers on the Life Time television Network

Please note: Most mastectomy patients cannot raise arms after surgery; the shower shirt will better provide protection for patients by leaning forward to wash hair while in the shower or bath. For patients taking a bath, DO NOT immerse the top portion of body in tub water; keep the level of water in tub no higher than the bottom of the shower shirt. In addition, the shower shirt is to be used for therapeutic care and daily showering only, not to be used for recreational water activities. Use care around water; areas may be slippery when wet.