The SHOWER SHIRT - showering after mastectomy or with catheters

Introducing The SHOWER SHIRT®

A patented, post-surgical, water resistant garment designed to protect chest surgery patients, including mastectomy, hemodialysis, cardiac, lung, hernia, rotator cuff, neuro-stimulation, and external defibrillator patients from water while showering.
Washing Machine

Machine Washable

Water resistant nylon material.

Velcro® Pockets

To help support drains.

Covered by Medicare

For ESRD patients.

Adjustable Turtleneck

Lined with micro fiber.

Why do I need The Shower Shirt®?

Dr. Emran Imami, MD, FACS, FAPWCA explains the importance of keeping surgical drains sites dry and the risk for water-borne infections faced by patients who don’t.

Chest surgery patients, including mastectomy, hemodialysis, cardiac, and multiple other patient populations often have surgical drains, catheters, and ports which act as a portal for bacteria to enter wound sites when showering. Physicians routinely instruct chest surgery patients NOT TO shower without protection. The water-resistant Shower Shirt helps reduce the risk of infection by keeping water away from the surgical paraphernalia sutured into the patient’s skin.

The ability to bathe safely not only reduces stress and anxiety for surgery patients, but also reduces the risk of infection.

The mastectomy patient in particular, is unfortunately already required to deal with the emotional aspect of breast cancer and the physical trauma of having their breasts removed. I created The SHOWER SHIRT® so future mastectomy and/or general chest surgery patients would not be required to shower in a trash bag for protection, as I did.

It stands to reason if a patient can shower, they will feel better physically, thus, emotionally; a grave need after any surgery, but specifically for those who have gone through a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy surgery.

Lisa F. Crites

Principle/Inventor of The SHOWER SHIRT®

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It’s important to keep mastectomy drains sites dry after surgery. Taking a shower without protection can be problematic since water is laden with bacteria and can increase the chance of post-surgical infections. The SHOWER SHIRT® is a great product to protect patients from water intrusion.
Emran Imami, MD, FACS, FAPWCA

Surgeon, TEPAS Breast Center

My mother died from systemic infection as a result of contaminated shower water which infected a dialysis catheter. She tried protecting herself by taping a garbage bag to her shoulder, though it did not seal well enough. How she could have benefited from this wonderful invention. I only wish it was available earlier.
M.A. Dell

Medical Device Manufacturer

I love this product! When worn as directed, staying dry is easy. I was able to shower, wash my hair and get on with my day. I will recommend this shirt to others. Thanks for your great customer service and kind concern during this process.
J. Miller

Breast Cancer & Mastectomy Patient

I purchased your Shower Shirt because I have a catheter for dialysis and an ostomy as well. The product works great for patients like me. I’m able to protect both the catheter as well as the ostomy bag. Thank you for such a brilliant idea.
J. Thompson

Dialysis & Ostomy Patient

I’m thankful for the Shower Shirt. I am using scar therapy patches after revision surgery. I have to wear multiple sets and keep them dry for 2 months. A friend gave me a Shower Shirt and it’s been a life saver. Sponge baths for 2 months would have driven me mad!!
C. Reich

Breast Cancer & Mastectomy Patient

The SHOWER SHIRT® is a Godsend for me. Being a dialysis patient with a neck catheter, I had many issues showering. My husband found this product online and it works perfectly. The Shower Shirt has kept my catheter dry for 3 months and counting… I love it!!
L. Thom

Dialysis Patient

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The SHOWER SHIRT® is the only patented shower shirt garment for surgery patients on the international market, and recognized as US Patent #8,516,613. The SHOWER SHIRT Co., LLC, designed and manufactured the water-resistant product for chest surgery patients; The SHOWER SHIRT Co. owns the patent exclusively, based on design, creation, and ‘method of use.’